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LUCARA Diamond X Louis Vuitton

Source: Lucara / Lucara

When Louis Vuitton isn’t handing over the reins to Virgil Abloh to bring in the streetwear culture, it’s doing big things.

And one of those big things includes buying some big ass diamonds. After purchasing one of the world’s largest diamond at the top of 2020, the fashion house has bought another impressive one that weighs in at 549-carats and was unearthed in Botswana’s Karowe mine. The hefty rock is named Sethunya, which means “flower” in Setswana and pays homage to LV’s famous monogram logo and is said to be between 1-2 billion years old.

The diamond was acquired in partnership with HB Antwerp and Lucara Diamond Corp, signaling that LV is serious about getting into the rare gem market and preparing to make major moves.

“We are extremely pleased to be building on the groundbreaking partnership established for the manufacturing of the Sewelô earlier this year, bringing together the manufacturing and supply chain expertise of HB Antwerp in collaboration with the world’s leading luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, to transform Sethunya, an exceptionally pure, high colour 549 carat rough diamond from Karowe, into an extraordinary, bespoke, polished diamond collection, catering exclusively to the desires of Louis Vuitton’s global customer base,” explained Lucara’s CEO Eira Thomas, in a press release.

LVMH has big plans for the mega-sized rock– and it might not just be for one customer. The press release also mentions that the customers will be involved in polishing, shaping, and cutting the diamond to create what could be the ultimate family heirloom.

The diamond discovered back in January is pretty impressive. It was originally recovered by Lucara last April in Botswana and clocks in at 1758 carats, which makes it the third-largest diamond ever. The prices for either have yet to be named but is expected to be appraised by the end of 2021.