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Naomi Osaka Nike Logo

Source: Nike / Nike

One of the leaders of tennis’ new school is stepping up her brand.

Naomi Osaka has been dominating the tennis circuit as of late and was even ranked number 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Nike knows she’s coming into her talent and is ready to push her farther into the limelight, so she’s been outfitted with her own logo– which is pretty clean if you ask us. The collection bearing the new logo is similar to Osaka’s already sporty laidback style you usually see her rocking. Her logo is an homage to the Japanese Flag’s simplicity as it’s just a simplistic outline of the letters that spell her entire name.

Naomi Osaka Nike Logo

Source: Nike / Nike

The offering consists of polos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sport tops, shorts — and even accessories like fanny packs. Not only is her new logo on all the pieces, but there are also nods to the three countries that mean the most to her. Sleeves have the United States flag because that’s where she grew up, and the Japanese flag and Haitian flag to represent her parents’ roots. There’s even one shirt that using camouflage to show off coordinates of Japan, Haiti, and the United States.

“The digits from each nation were fed through a digital algorithm to create the unique pattern,” says Nike in the press release.

The Naomi Osaka collection drops November 16 in Japan and the United States, and for those in the EMEA — or  Europe, the Middle East, and Africa— the collection will be available just in time for the holidays come early December.

Get a better look at the collection below:

Naomi Osaka’s Nike Logo [Detailed Photos]
Naomi Osaka Nike Logo
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