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The global coronavirus pandemic has forced virtually every industry to find creative workarounds to service its clients, and the fashion industry has been no different.

Balenciaga, famous for its pricey women’s handbags and footwear, has come up with a very novel solution to show what new clothing it has in store for next year. On December 6, the 102-year old Spanish luxury retailer will showcase its upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 collection with a new video game called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow and its setting will actually be one decade later, in 2031.

“A hero avatar advances throughout distinct zones, motivated by tasks and interactions,” read Balenciaga’s official announcement. “The narrative of Afterworld is anchored to mythological pasts and projected futures with timeless archetypes and speculative imagery.”


“I think fashion shows have become too much of a comfort zone,” he told WWD in September. “It’s a little bit too easy. And like, I don’t believe in easy solutions being the best necessarily. And I also don’t believe that fashion should function within the comfort zone. The comfort zone is where we stagnate. And given that fashion has to keep engaging people. I realized there are many other ways.”

Although this may seem like a major departure from the standard industry methods of runway shows, galas, and photoshoots, there has been a recent trend of fashion companies teaming up with video game production houses and coming up with interesting ways to display their wares. This crossover into the world of gaming includes Burberry streaming its Spring 2021 fashion show on Twitch this past September and the creators of the popular gaming series “The Sims” working with Gucci to recreate their Off The Grid campaign.