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Travis Scott Surprises crew and customers at McDonald's for the Launch of The Travis Scott Meal

Source: Jerritt Clark / Getty

Travis Scott didn’t release a full-length album all year, but the money is still rolling in.

The Houston-born rapper didn’t need to drop any music because he let his endorsements do the talking for him, and now as part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, we’re finding out how much he was able to rake in. With deals from some of the biggest global brands like Playstation, McDonald’s & Nike, Forbes‘ Abram Brown was able to put together a few estimates on what kind of bag he got, and unsurprisingly the number falls well into the 7 digits with about a million dollars coming just from Sony.

The Playstation deal was launched in October and saw Scott become a strategic creative partner which helped promote the then-pending release of the PS5.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the PlayStation team,” Scott said in a statement at the time. “Most importantly, I’m excited to see how the PlayStation fans and family respond, and I look forward to running some games with everybody very soon!”

The deal with Sony also has the potential to be multi-year, which would lead to an even bigger payday.

Scott also scored a deal with McDonald‘s, which saw him get his own $6 meal — a quarter pounder, a medium fry, and a Sprite– and the sale of collaborative merch. Forbes reports that he got $5 million just for the meal endorsement and another $15 for the merch alone.

Lastly, Scott is also a huge sneakerhead so connecting with Nike is probably the most probable partnership. He released a pair of Jordan 1s where he notoriously flipped the iconic swoosh, and fans went crazy for them. As Scott continued the partnership, Forbes says that he earns around $10 million a year from the footwear juggernaut.

Now, imagine if he’d been able to tour this year…