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Sports nutrition company Ladder has been sold to Openfit, a digital streaming platform for everything fitness-related, including information on nutrition and wellness and private training and exercise classes.

Ladder was started in 2018 by LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Model Cindy Crawford and 3X Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn later came on board to expand the company’s reach beyond men.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ladder’s Chief of Nutrition Adam Bornstein explained that the company’s beginnings specifically “go back to Mr. James’s infamous cramping incident during the 2014 NBA Finals, which forced him to leave Game 1 early. He asked his trainer what he could take during the off-season to be healthier and stronger, but nothing seemed effective and safe enough… So Mr. James’s trainer created a bespoke supplement for the athlete.”

“With Ladder, we did it. We were able to work with experts to create an incredible line of certified high caliber supplements for all athletes, but we always recognized that this was only part of the process,” James said of the deal. “Now, with the reach and resources of the Openfit platform, we’re excited to bring it all together and create a new level of training and nutrition that meets everyone’s individual needs.”

There’s no telling how much James and the other stars made off the deal, but we’re sure the King is doing alright thanks to his new NBA contract. After the Lakers emerged as the early winners of free agency –where they needed some depth ahead of the 2020-21 season– James locked in for another two years at $85 million.