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Shannon Sharpe Says LeBron James Deserves Credit For Helping Joe Biden Win

Source: Kelsey McNeal / Getty

Shannon Sharpe is making sure LeBron James gets his just due.

It’s no secret that Sharpe is LeBron James’ biggest fan. He lets the world know that while shutting down professional Bron hater, his Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless. TMZ Sports caught up with the NFL Hall-of-Famer and asked him if he felt that James’ efforts affected the outcome of the election?

Of course, Sharpe believes that is indeed the case, and when Joe Biden is finally in the White House, Bron is one of the people the likely next president should have a conversation with first.

Per TMZ Sports:

Before the Nov.3 election that currently has the country on pins and needles as Americans watch votes continue to be counted before it was finally announced that Joe Biden won the presidency. James and his More Than A Vote initiative were hard at work, registering people to vote and hiring poll workers. James has been very vocal on social media celebrating the Biden/Harris campaign’s apparent victory. But he definitely made sure to give Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama, Sherilynn Ifill, and Kristen Clarke their props.

We will salute all of them for their hard work recognizing that we could not repeat the 2016 presidential election this time around.

Photo: Kelsey McNeal / Getty