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ESPN Demotes Sage Steele, Replaces Her With Elle Duncan, Twitter Rejoices

Source: Mike Coppola / Getty

Sage Steele got a good dose of karma, and social media is loving every bit of it.

The member of the all lives matter delegation and long time ESPN anchor earned herself a demotion Deadspin is reporting. The Disney-owned company plucked Steele by her curls and placed her into Sportscenter obscurity, inserting her into the lesser-viewed noon slot and promoting Elle Duncan, the Black woman she hated on into her old 6 pm slot.

The decision comes after Steele ran to the Wall Street Journal and tried to ruin the reputations of Duncan and Michael Eaves. In her interview with the publication, she claimed that her two colleagues conspired to keep her from being a part of the Sportscenter special, Time For Change: We Won’t Be Defeated. Eaves and Duncan hosted the special and were joined by Jay Harris and Maria Taylor for a discussion that “explored Black athletes’ experiences with injustice.”

Per the WSJ:

“I found it sad for all of us that any human beings should be allowed to define someone’s ‘Blackness,’” Steele told the Journal. “Growing up biracial in America with a Black father and a white mother, I have felt the inequities that many, if not all Black and biracial people have felt — being called a monkey, the ‘n’ word, having ape sounds made as I walked by — words and actions that all of us know sting forever. Most importantly, trying to define who is and isn’t Black enough goes against everything we are fighting for in this country and only creates more of a divide.”

As you can imagine, Twitter doesn’t feel the least bit sorry for Steele, who has rubbed many of her Black colleagues at ESPN the wrong way. In an exclusive interview with BOSSIP, former ESPN employee Cari Champion didn’t bite her tongue, pointing out that “she (Steele) ain’t been around enough Blacks to understand how it is, and that’s why she says what she says and acts the way that she does.”
Welp, we hope Sage enjoys the ESPN projects. You can peep the reactions to her well-deserved demotion in the gallery below.
Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty