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Oklahoma’s Transformation Church is looking out for the community as this difficult year comes to an end.

Pastor Michael Todd announced during a Sunday service that his church bought out Silhouette USA’s entire stock for $65,000 and will donate the inventory to the Tulsa Boys’ Home. That donation was only part of the $3.5 million Transformation Church gave away to people in need last weekend.

“@wearetransformation bought the whole store on blackwallstreet to give back,” Pastor Todd announced on social media. “@silhouettetulsa is one of the amazing small businesses that TC in #crazyfaith was able to bless during a global pandemic by purchasing there entire 👟inventory! The best part is these shoes are going to a boys home to bless those who may otherwise never have a gift like this! #TCOBG.”

As we mentioned, the pastor, husband, father, and New York Times best-selling author, and his congregation, didn’t stop there.

“Y’all I’m still so hype and emotional because Transformation Church WE got to FORGIVE the DEBT of people, organizations, and churches in ONE service! 😭🤯😱 When God forgave us, it wasn’t just to release US, it was for US to release OTHERS! 🗣,” Pastor Todd previously wrote of his church’s donations. “And because of your #CrazyFaith and #generosity, WE are able to be a generous church and FORGIVE the debts of many! Giving always has a ripple effect so don’t let this stop here! NOW GO AND DO THE SAME! 🙌🏾

Head over to Pastor Todd’s Instagram to learn more about what the Transformation Church is doing for the community. Salute!

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