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Super producer Pharrell Williams recently visited Noreaga‘s podcast Drink Champs to clear the air about a supposed sneaker deal Drake had with Adidas.

According to Sole Collector, Drake was pretty close to leaving a pre-existing partnership he had with Nike in 2018. The word is that he was going to work with “The Three Stripe Company” to have his own clothing label with quite some more creative control. But then the beef with Pusha T revealed an alleged lovechild by The 6 God and how he planned to piggyback the news of his Adidas partnership with the announcement of his son, Adonis. The name of the new venture was even borrowed for the title of Pusha’s venomous diss song “Story of Adidon.”

“He did. He did have a deal there. But again, all of this was unbeknownst to me,” Pharrell told Noreaga. “Drake told me that he had a situation there, but I didn’t know that any of this would ever come up.”

It’s rumored that the impromptu, embarrassing reveal led Drake to squash any plans with Adidas and negotiate a quiet return to Nike, where he currently has begun his NOCTA label. As a friend to both performers, Pharrell said he would have loved to work with the two of them together but thinks the hate runs too deep between them for that to ever be a reality in the future.

For what it’s worth, though, Pharrell let it be known in the same interview that a life behind bars is certainly not for him, and if he sees something that he will definitely be telling. “Literally, I’m not a tough guy, I’m staying my a– inside and the f—–g FBI is on speed dial, bro,” Pharrell humorously shared. “I’m not a f—–g tough guy. You people say things about snitching … I’m f—–g snitching. Don’t talk to me about all that.”