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Episode 9 is here, and the hot takes are delicious!

Jada, Beanz and Bruce are joined by a special guest, News One Managing Editor, Bruce Wright… a die-hard New York Knicks fan. The foursome spoke on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs’ recent visit to NYC, and the return of LiAngelo Ball and his two fellow UCLA teammates who were caught stealing in China.

They now-suspended players seemingly dodged a huge bullet and it would seem they have to thank “President” Donald Trump for that. But not so fast. Trump made it clear on his Twitter timeline that he’s looking for gratitude from the three players for allegedly helping them out.

Now for the main event: the Knicks vs. Cavs game heard ’round the world this week. Looks like there is a rivalry budding between the James-led Cavaliers and the young band of misfits that are the Knicks led by the unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis. We are still in a young NBA season but you would think we are in the middle of a playoff series between these two teams.

Things got heated between the two teams when James said the Knicks made a mistake when they passed on Dennis Smith Jr. Knicks fans and Enes Kanter felt that was a disrespectful shot at their rookie Frank Ntilikina. James responded back that he wasn’t taking a shot a Frank but at their former Team President, Phil Jackson. Enes and the Knicks kept that same energy and it translated on the court for three quarters. The Garden was rocking, the fans were hi-fiving, Knicks Twitter was elate… then reality sunk in and the Knicks’ 23-point-lead evaporated.

The trash talking after was glorious and to add more fuel to the fire LeBron labeled himself the “King of New York” and said the Mecca of Basketball was his favorite playground.

Beanz was clearly outnumbered in this situation as Bruce W. and Bruce G. both feel their Knicks are on the rise and are proving not the pushovers most people thought they would be this season. Beanz wasn’t here for the moral victory speeches and argued the Knicks shouldn’t have choked and given up a 23-point-lead and you know he’s here for LeBron crowning himself. Jada tried to Switzerland the situation and stay neutral when it comes to her love for both the Knicks and LeBron James.

To close out the show Bruce W., Bruce G. and Jada remain optimistic about the Knicks, while Beanz gives a shoutout to 2017 MLB Rookie of the year Aaron Judge.

Step into episode 9 of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz below.