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WNBA: JULY 23 Los Angeles Sparks at Atlanta Dream

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

In just over two weeks, the United States will inaugurate its first female Vice President ever in Kamala Harris. And while it may not make as much noise around the world, WNBA player point guard Renee Montgomery joined Quavo’s Fan Controlled Football as the league’s first female team owner. She will be working alongside All Elite Wrestling star Miro and Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch as fellow co-owners of the aptly named team “Beasts.”

The Atlanta Dream point guard snuck in the announcement on TMZ Sports with her co-hosts Evan Rosenblum and Michael Babcock. “It is football, but there’s such a fun aspect to it. Even the way that they have the stadium set up, it’s here in Atlanta, by the way. And shout out to the Fan Controlled Football League for like, even, I’m the first woman to be an owner on there. And they were very into that, they wanted a woman football owner. So shouts to them. They’re doing a lot of things that are going to translate well [from], like, social media to fans.”

However, she joked about not being able to get her hands on one particular hot prospect before the start of the season. “I don’t understand why Johnny Football is allowed to sign straight to the Zappers. I’m mad! Like… do not pass go, do not collect $200. He went straight to the Zappers! I understand the owner did a bet, and that’s how Johnny Football even [came into] the Fan Controlled Football League. But I was really excited to maybe draft him.”

Montgomery said she would elaborate further on the details of her ownership on her podcast “Remotely Renee.” Her position with the FCF is reflective of the league’s vision of progressiveness. True to her brand as well, Montgomery was also only one of a handful of WNBA players who sat out the 2020 season to protest against social injustice. So kudos to her and the league for taking steps against stereotypes of Black women in football and the glass ceiling.