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Joe Biden Kamala Harris Projected Winner 2020 Election

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It was a painstakingly slow and meticulous process, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on their way to the White House.

Since election day/night (Nov.3), Americans, primarily those who want Donald Trump and his incompetent circus booted out of the people’s house, has been told to keep calm and trust the process. For months we were led to believe that Joe Biden had this election in the bag, and honestly, that shouldn’t be hard to believe thanks in large part to Trump’s ineptitude when running the country and his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But as we learned in 2016, these election polls ain’t loyal. They had the country believing that Trump would have his orange spray-tanned butt handed to him by Hillary Clinton, but we all know how that played out. So it’s quite understandable why Americans didn’t believe a single poll that came out before the election and that history could possibly repeat itself.  For a majority of the night, that indeed seemed to be the case as Trump jumped to a commanding lead in states that polls said were Biden would comfortably win, rasing anxiety levels of Democrats across the country.

But team Biden/Harris maintained their confidence hinging their bets on mail-in ballots that Democrats overwhelmingly sent in due to COVID-19 telling them to be patient and let the votes be counted.

For months, Corona-denier, Donald Trump, railed against the process that has been used for years, telling his supporters to go to the polls instead of using mail-in voting, and they listened as the numbers reflected that. Once the same-day voting numbers were all-in, those mail-in ballots showed up and showed up. Trump’s leads in key battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin slowly began to dwindle, with Biden eventually winning them and slowly rebuilding the blue wall Trump knocked down. Trump began to feel the pressure as he reverted back to his 2016 playbook, everything is rigged on Twitter.

By Thursday (Nov.5), Biden’s Electoral College lead had him near the 270 finish line, with separate news outlets giving him 253 or 264 electoral votes. All eyes have been on the remaining states Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, that could put the nail in Trump’s coffin.

All through the evening, into early Friday morning, Twitter could feel the inevitable was about to happen as Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and even the traditionally red state of Georgia evaporated (thank you, Stacey Abrams), putting Biden in a position to finally claim victory they have been patiently waiting for.

After all of the Pennsylvania votes were finally counted, the inevitable became a reality, and Joe Biden was named president-elect. Kamala Harris is now the country’s first Black woman vice president.

The memes, jokes, and tears of joy hit timelines like the flood as Trump has been throwing spaghetti on the wall in the form of baseless lawsuits and claims to see what sticks. Trump has been making it quite clear he won’t peacefully go away. But, that’s not stopping social media from enjoying the moment they have been waiting for 4 LONG years.

You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

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