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African American in Prison

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Rashod Stanley, the young man who went viral for putting on a fashion show while incarcerated, is being penalized for his creativity.

In a message shared to Stanley’s company Instagram account, his mom revealed he is in solitary confinement, as authorities have charged him with “attempt to aid in escape” and more.

Here’s her message, in part:

“My son was moved from Calhoun State Prison and is currently being held in solitary confinement on Tier 2 at Macon State Prison for ‘the prison fashion show video’ that went viral I posted on 12/3/20. These same clothing was posted in another video 3/19/20 which he had already been disciplined for. He did 30 days in solitary confinement for it. He is currently being charged with “attempt to aid in escape” for making clothes for others and ‘altering state property.’ It is assumed inmates could’ve walked away unnoticed in those outfits,” she explains, further adding: “Tier 2 is a 9 month solitary confinement program for offenders who commit or lead others to commit violent disruptive predatory or riotous actions or who otherwise pose a serious threat to the safety and security of institutional operations. Not only does he not meet the criteria, this is excessive punishment and in violation of his constitutional rights. It’s also double jeopardy since he’s previously being disciplined for it. The Georgia Department of Corrections was created for rehabilitation, so why is he being punished to the highest severity?”

Stanley’s official Trenches website shares a little of his story, stating:

“…At the age of 19, Shod owned his very own store on Bankhead Hwy. in Atlanta, Ga. before getting caught up with the wrong crowd. Now he’s on a mission to share his story, create clothing and inspire others not to go down the wrong path.” “I want people to know my story because Location Doesn’t Determine Destination. I want to inspire others to make something out of nothing and reach their full potential without making excuses,” Stanley says. “I want to be a mentor and public speaker to at-risk kids that’s following down the wrong path.”

Watch the much-talked about fashion show below. Also, read his mom’s full post and sign the Justice For Inmate Rashod Stanley petition here.

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