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A$AP Bari Gives Us A Much Better Look At Kanye West's YEEZY 1020 Boots

Source: Instagram ASAP Bari, @younglord / Instagram

Give Kanye West credit. He always pushes the boundary for his footwear, and people faithfully cop his kicks no matter how wild they look.

The Young Lord, A$AP Bari, gave his followers an in-hand look at Kanye’s new YEEZY 1020 boot, hinting that rather unique-looking footwear’s release date could be very near. The failed presidential candidate gave his fans a glimpse of the 1020 boot in October 2020, raising footwear enthusiasts’ eyebrows.

While these are not one of Kanye’s wildest designs, these are indeed out there thanks to the futuristic and militaristic vibes they give off. The laceless boots are wrapped in a vibrant orange mesh upper, with a rubber midsole and outsole. The lace area that features a zipper to give wearers a snug fit is YEEZY’s favorite sand tone giving the boot a sportier look.

adidas Yeezy 1020 Boot

Source: Instagram ASAP Bari, @younglord / Instagram

No release date has been confirmed…yet. But based on the fact that Bari has an actual model in his possession means that the YEEZY 1020 could be dropping in the next few months. We don’t know how the hell you would pull these off, but with the way fashion is going now and days, we expect these to be seen on the feet of many celebs in the coming days.

Anything YEEZY moves now and days, so we won’t be shocked if the YEEZY 1020 sells out immediately and lands on StockX and GOAT.

Are you feeling the YEEZY 1020? Let us know if you would wake in the morning and get on adidas app to try and cop a pair.

Photo: Instagram ASAP Bari, @younglord / Instagram