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Twitter Is Not Feeling Kanye West's YEEZY x Derrick Rose Basketball Kicks

Source: Brad Barket / Getty

Sneakerheads were surprised to get a look at Kanye West’s YEEZY x D. Rose sneaker, and it’s rather interesting, to say the least.


The troubled rapper unveiled the sneakers during his usual tweetstorm, which also included old photos of his late mother’s year while in China and some unseen pictures of footwear samples. But what caught everyone/s attention was the photo of the collaboration between his YEEZY brand and adidas signature athlete, Derrick Rose.

The very unusual sneaker looks like it could be the sockliner for a pair of rollerblades as Kanye continues to push the boundary as to what a sneaker should look like, especially basketball kicks.

Now let’s keep it a buck, those joints are flat out U G L Y, and if you think these “sneakers” are dope, you are straight up a hypebeast, and we mean that with no disrespect. Now we have no idea if what pictured above is the final product, and we hope not. Still, a video of Rose’s wife, Alaina Anderson, rocking a size 12 pair of the sneakers which many have compared to tilapia fillets, is rather disturbing.

Lol, see what we mean?

Sadly her caption stating “#Hatenowbuylater” is spot on when ti comes to YEEZY’s footwear, hell those hideous Foam Runner clogs even sold out. But for the most part, sneaker enthusiasts have been clowning the YEEZY x D. Rose kicks comparing them to an assortment of things. They are not wrong.

You can peep the reaction to the eyesore called basketball sneakers in the gallery below.

Photo: Brad Barket / Getty

1. No lies told here.

2. Lol very accurate.

3. adidas has a history of assaulting us with bad footwear.