adidas officially parted ways with Ye aka Kanye West in October 2022. One year later, the sports apparel company is still having to make decisions to further separate itself from the Hip-Hop icon who can’t seem to stop drowning in controversial waters. Sources have revealed that adidas has decided not to move forward with its […]

As Kanye West continues to rake in millions from adidas fire sale, the company’s CEO finally broke his silence on the breakup. Bjørn Gulden was recently asked about the company’s dissolving relationship with Kanye West on Norwegian podcast In Good Company. He started by praising West’s creativity and ability to shift culture musically and in […]

Not everyone is too hyped about adidas’ final sale of all the remaining Yeezys in stock. Sneaker stores have listed them back on their sites amid the sporadic drops, but one has decided against it; Foot Locker. According to Complex, Foot Locker was initially set to take on the restock but feared the idea of […]

Adidas now confirms that after the latest drop of Yeezys that they will not move forward with selling any of the merchandise without the Yeezy logos.

Now, sneakerheads have unearthed what releases may be dropping in the next batch including some muted and marbled YEEZY Boost 350 V2s.

That first internship in your field of choice is always important. But what if you could nab a chance to work with Kanye West? That’s right; the embattled rapper and designer is looking for some helping hands for his YEEZY or “YZY” brand. The job posting was released on the YZY Instagram, that despite boasting […]

adidas is selling Yeezys for the last time ever today. Months ago, when Kanye West’s partnership was terminated for antisemitic remarks, rumors began to circlulate about what the German sportswear brand would do with over a billion dollars worth of leftover merch. After mulling over burning it, the brand decided to reconnect with Ye to […]


adidas and Kanye West are reunited… at least for now. The German sportswear brand previously reported that it had $1.3 billion in Yeezy products sitting around that it couldn’t unload because of the dissolved partnership with Kanye West over his antisemitic remarks. Now, instead of taking a massive loss and disappointing its stockholders and its […]


The Kanye West and adidas drama has entered a new chapter. adidas investors have filed a class action lawsuit against adidas, alleging that execs and hire-ups knew that West was erratic, opinionated and had a penchant for public outbursts but didn’t make it known. West’s outspoken nature is nothing new, but with his antisemitic remarks […]

Kanye West's Yeezy brand owes California $600,000 in taxes. Apparently three notices were sent concerning the unpaid debt.