Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets

Source: Jim McIsaac / Getty

It’s been about two weeks since LeBron James tried to son Frank Ntilikina and claimed he was the King of NY—a claim quickly checked by Jay-Z.

“The Knicks passed on a really good one,” James said. “Dallas got the diamond in the rough. He should be a Knick. That’s gonna make some headlines but he should be a Knick. Dallas is definitely excited that he didn’t go there.”

James cleared up his original comments when he said that Dennis Smith Jr. should be a Knick right now, which pissed off Knicks fans because they assumed it was a shot at Ntilikina. Shortly after James’ comments, Ntilikina pushed LeBron out of the way when he stood over him after a play left the rookie on the floor.

Just two days later he clarified that the comments were a shot at former Knicks President Phil Jackson, who once called James’ friends his posse.

“It’s definitely a shot at (Jackson),” James said, adding, “I wasn’t throwing shade at Frank at all. People really got their pants in a bunch, and things of that nature.”

While that likely cleared the air between James and Ntilikina, a childhood friend of the former decided to step in and make sure everything was cool. Romeo Travis, who just so happened to play with Ntilikina in France and played with the King at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, touched base with LeBron.

“I reached out to LeBron to make sure there was no hard feelings between Frank and him and let him know Frank was my guy,” Travis said. “[LeBron] said it’s not personal between them. He’s just so positive about Dennis Smith and negative toward the Knicks front office.”

According to the NY Post, Ntilikina has been in contact with Travis, who he says has encouraged and supported him.

The French Prince Of Bel Air has gotten off to a rocky start during his first season in the league, but being the second youngest player in the league, he’s got more than enough time to develop.