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LeBron James Ditches Coke, Lands New Endorsement Deal With Pepsi

Source: Anna Webber / Getty

LeBron James and his longtime relationship with Coco-Cola has officially come to an end.

For as long as James has been in the NBA doing his thang, he has been telling his fans to either enjoy an ice-cold Sprite or refuel with Powerade thanks to his endorsement deal with the Coke. Front Office Sports first broke the news about the deal, and it was later confirmed by “LeBron whisperer” Brian Windhorst that Bron’s 18-year relationship with the beverage company is done. Now he will be taking his talents to Pepsi, the NBA’s official beverage partner.

As part of his new deal, the Los Angeles Laker superstar will promote Moutain Dew joining the New Orleans Pelicans phenom Zion Williamson. No word on if the new endorsement deal will include James being like Mike regarding plugging the Coca-Cola-owned sports drink, Gatorade.

James’ deal with Coke expired in 2020, and along with the trading card company, Upper Deck were his longest professional partnerships Bron has had since going pro. Windhorst reports that both Upper Deck and Nike are James’ longest-standing relationships. James signed a lifetime deal with the Swoosh reportedly worth up to $1 billion. It’s unknown how much his deal with Upper Deck is, but the company is known for working with athletes even after they retire. Michael Jordan, who signed with the Upper Deck after securing his first chip, is still working with the company.

As for his deal with Pepsi, the financial details remain a mystery, but it’s a safe bet to assume they backed up the Brink’s truck for the NBA baller. LBJ makes an estimated $50 million from his endorsement details and smartly demands equity in the companies he works with, so we assume that this is the case with PepsiCo.

No word when Bron will officially begin plugging the soft drink but don’t expect it to happen during this year’s Super Bowl. Pepsi announced it would not be running any ads during the big game. The company is still the sponsor for the Super Bowl halftime show, which will feature The Weeknd.

Whatever the case might be, it sounds like LeBron James has secured another bag for the new year. This news follows him ditching his partnership with Kia to plug the new GMC Hummer.

Photo: Anna Webber / Getty