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Russell Westbrook Was Reportedly "Fed Up" With James Harden's Partying

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Russell Westbrook likes to have fun, but he’s also insanely serious about winning, so if this report is true, it makes all the sense in the world. 

Both Westbrook and James Harden are no longer members of the Houston Rockets, but when they were, their time together didn’t pan out like they hoped it would. Harden has been a fixture in sports news due to him being highly disgruntled with the Rockets, taking his sweet time to report to training camp, and showing up out of shape. His behavior eventually got him his wish. The Rockets traded him to the Brooklyn Nets, granting him his wish to play with his former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant as part of a blockbuster deal that involved four teams that had NBA Twitter talking.

Now, thanks to Kendrick Perkins, we have some insight on what lead to Russell Westbrook demanding a trade and eventually being shipped to the Washington Wizards. On a recent episode of James Posey Podcast, Perkins revealed that the Brodie was not a fan of Harden’s penchant for partying. Westbrook, who also played alongside Harden as a member of Oklahoma City Thunder when they first entered the league, felt his former teammate was not making good use of his free time by partying with rappers Lil baby and giving him a designer bag full of honey buns.

“[If they had some days off], James was on a private [jet] to Cabo! On Tilman Fertitta’s private [jet] at that! Russ is like… ‘I ain’t with all the partying.'” Perkin’s revealed to Posey.

Westbrook and his Wizards are currently struggling but don’t expect that to be the case forever. Harden made his Nets debut on Saturday night and looked rejuvenated, notching a 30 point triple-double to complement Kevin Durant’s team-high 42 points in a 122-115 win over the Orlando Magic.

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