Even years after retiring from the league, NBA players can still beef. ESPN and TNT have always competed to host NBA games and network pundits, but a recent comment has them verbally at each other’s throats. It started when ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins appeared on The Michael Kay Show Monday and took aim at Charles Barkley […]

"The implication, what you are implying, that the white voters that vote on NBA are racist. That they favor white people. You just said that...That’s exactly what you implied, Kendrick Perkins,” Redick exclaimed.

Draymond Green is known for his trolling and loudmouth antics. His back-and-forth with Celtics forward Jaylen Brown has been one thing, but Green's latest statement on retired baller Kendrick Perkins may have crossed the line.

You can always count on Draymond Green to keep it real and call out those who doubt him or have something to say about his game.

So this was the reason Russell Westbrook demanded the Houston Rockets trade him.

Disgruntled NBA superstar James Harden finally made his 2020-21 preseason debut with Houston Rockets, and he looked a bit on the heavy side. Social media had jokes.


Basketball is definitely life for Kevin Durant. If that wasn’t apparent before, you most certainly could tell now because he is entering his 7th month without being able to hit a professional court since his Achilles injury and his Twitter fingers have been very busy. Durant had time. Just yesterday (Jan.9), we touched on KD […]


Royce White called LeBron James out for allowing his banana boat brother, Carmelo Anthony, to miss an entire season in the NBA. Kendrick Perkins is responding to that criticism by saying LeBron actually did want Carmelo Anthony on the Cavaliers, but the Cavs front office told him no. For many years, fans and those around […]