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Nike X Notre Dunk High

Source: Nike / Nike Dunk High x Notre

It’s a new year, but Nike’s SNKRS app is still on the same energy.

Sneakerheads found that out this week, Nike’s toxic app still delivers more Ls than actual sneakers. It started on Friday (Jan.22) with the release of the SB Dunk Low Street Hawker that seemed to dissolve into thin air once the coming soon button turned to purchase then instantly switched to sold out.  One Twitter user took the liberty to record and share the SNKRS experience while purchasing a pair.

Hilariously some even went as far as to ask President Joe Biden to fix the app via executive order.

Nike wasn’t done toying with sneaker enthusiasts’ emotions. Saturday (Jan.23), folks woke up and tried their luck again, knowing good and well an L was in their future. We’re sad to report that SNKRS did not disappoint when it came to the release of the Nike Dunk High x Notre cause if you just searched for the kicks on Twitter, a wave of upset people will greet you.


There were also many complaints of the app not working properly at all, with some users experiencing “server issues” while trying to purchase the kicks.

It’s evident that Nike’s SNKRS app is the jig, and the company needs to make some significant changes to it to make it a better shopping experience becuase this is becoming ridiculous. You can peep more reactions to the Dunk High x Notre release below.

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Photo: Nike / Dunk High x Notre