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Lil Wayne is all set to take over the cannabis industry.

The rapper’s weed business (GKUA Ultra Premium) will expand to Colorado following releases in California and Michigan, according to reports.  “GKUA is about inspiring people, it’s about a feeling,” Wayne said about the expansion, according to “Now Colorado will get to experience the quality and potency of that GKUA.”

The official GKUA website assures consumers all products are “Lil Wayne tasted and approved.” The Hip Hop icon — who was just pardoned by twice-impeached, former president Trumplethinskin — also promises the “best high of your life.”

The Colorado launch is this week, January 27, and there’s also going to be an IG Live event, during which fans can meet the growers, “win swag,” and hear from special guests. Will you be tuning in?