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BET Hip Hop Awards 2020

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Lil Baby had a great run in 2020, to the point that DaBaby‘s even considered him a potential MVP of the year. And now, Lil Baby has decided to bring some of that “drip” into the new year in the form of a new grub hotspot.

“Actually, I have a new restaurant and I’ma open it in Atlanta,” he said on a Zoom interview with XXL. “It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March.” But when it comes to nailing down the menu, it sounds like he is still ironing things out: “You know, lamb chops, lobster tails, rice, stuff like that.”

2021 looks to be a successful year for the rapper. He will be starring in Rockstar Energy’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial as its new sponsor since PepsiCo acquired the beverage. 

And this year, he will be in the running for two Grammy Awards, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for the song “The Bigger Picture.” But while some see it as a conscious protest song, it may be more a song formed by times of protest, and Lil Baby concurred in his interview with Billboard Magazine. “I mean, it don’t feel different from any other song because it’s me. I’ve been giving me this whole time, it just happened to be one of those subjects. I don’t feel like I deserve an extra light for it, but I appreciate it.”

Lil Baby also has some fire with the “The 6 God,” and we might be fortunate to hear some of it in the new year. “Me and Drake got a lot of songs together, right,” he said in the same interview. “It just so happened that one of the songs I recorded was at James [Harden’s] studio. I ain’t delete the songs out the computer, so the songs were still [there]. James probably got the team at the house, and they just listening in the studio.”

For what it’s worth, DeMarcus Cousins gave the music his seal of approval.