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LeBron James & Twitter Clown Courtside Karen For Her Online Theatrics

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

We have our first Karen of the new year. This one had the audacity to try and come for the king.

During Monday night’s (Feb.1) Los Angeles Lakers versus Atlanta Hawks game, the action shifted from the court to courtside. A 25-year-old (that’s up for debate) Instagram model has now earned the well-deserved nickname “Courtside Karen” after getting into a shouting match with LeBron James from the expensive seats she shouldn’t even be sitting in becuase COVID-19 is still here. Apparently, she was coming to the defense of her husband, whom she claims James said something about causing her to go off on Bron.

Her performance not only earned her the Karen monicker for cursing and flipping off James, she, along with her husband, was ejected from the game for good measure. Of course, she immediately hopped on Instagram to tell her side of the story claiming that she was defending her husband from James and that she told the Lakers superstar that she would “f*ck him up.”