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Ja Rule has had an interesting run since the late ’90s until now.

From his Ruff Ryder and Murder Inc. days to now, the rapper (born Jeffrey Atkins) has tried his hand at all kinds of different ventures, and his Fyre Festival debacle may have been his most infamous to date. Yet, it would appear the catastrophe didn’t turn him off from going further down the entrepreneurship path. If anything, the experience may have spurred him to become more structured and formal with his education.

So when he wasn’t hawking Greek food or promoting his tax prep services, Ja joined the millions of Americans engaged in distance learning, but he enrolled at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions: Harvard University. “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…” Ja tweeted, showing off his digital document. Hopefully, the four-week course and the school of hard knocks better readied Atkins to do a better job with ICONN.

About two years ago, Ja had begun prepping the world for the larger-scale rollout of his ICONN app. And in December of last year, he followed up with HipHopDX to promote the venture some more: “I love tech space, man. It gives you that creative feeling again, like whether you first get in the lab and start making records and s–t, and you’re like, ‘Will this work? Will people like this how me and my niggas like this?’ That’s how I feel like with tech… It’s other platforms that let you monetize your content, but it ain’t ICONN, trust what the f–k I’m telling you.”

Recently, Ja’s been aggressively getting the word out about ICONN. And a quick browse of the Talent page shows you can possibly get names like Funkmaster Flex, Amber Rose, Fat Joe, and former labelmate Ashanti at your next event. But Ja’s made one major pitch to a pretty “yuge” controversial prospect: fellow Ivy League graduate and former POTUS Donald J. Trump. So let’s see if Trump’s second impeachment will drive engagement and make ICONN everything Fyre wasn’t.