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Apple has announced more emoji updates and these might actually interest you.

Along with the company’s iOS 14.5 software update will come a new set of emoji, memoji, and more. According to some sneak peeks that have been posted on the internet via Complex, the new images show love to same-sex couples, gender-neutral couples, in addition to reflecting the current coronavirus pandemic we’re in. There will also be new hairstyles and accessories available for memoji, including man-buns, waves, and durags.

According to CNET, the update will include a new feature that will make it easier to unlock your phone while wearing a mask (but you’ll also have to own an Apple Watch to take advantage of that update). “iOS 14.5 will include 217 new emoji, including new skin-tone variations for popular emoji such as couples kissing. You’ll also find new emoji like heart on fire, faces exhaling, faces in clouds and faces with spiral eyes. Changes have also been made to the syringe emoji, removing blood to make it more appropriate for depicting vaccines,” CNET reports.

Also interesting is a new feature that will allow consumers to set the music streaming service of their choice, instead of Apple Music being the default. There will also reportedly be iOS and iOS 14.5 support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, so gamers can use their phones or tablets to play. Plus, Siri will be able to call “911” in an emergency.

It seems Apple has listened to at least some of our concerns. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming features, which CNET reports are likely to hit our devices later this month.