DJ Jazzy Jeff talked about being one of the first celebrities to publicly announce he had COVID-19 and how he "almost didn't make it."

Kyrie Irving was pretty candid at the Brooklyn Nets Media Day on Monday. He talked about how he handled the “ultimatum” from the organization to take the COVID vaccine. But more so, the 7x All-Star said that his refusal to get vaccinated hurt him financially and jeopardized his career in the league. “I gave up […]

"If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same."


Cancel culture might have their newest prey. Carhartt will be enforcing the vaccine mandate at their retail stores and some folks (we know who) are none too happy about the news.


Nike tells its employees to just do it or get fired when it comes to getting vaccinated.