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If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly scouring the Internet for new music. In the process, you’ll often find that someone has remixed your favorite song, morphing it into something unrecognizable and, if you’re lucky, glorious. With the growth of platforms like Soundcloud, Mixcloud and YouTube, producers the world over can gain legions of fans by putting their own spin on big hits.

A tweet from an unknown producer named Psåul in late 2016 created additional fervor around Childish Gambino’s cult hit “Redbone.” He claimed he slowed the record down to “its natural pitch,” giving the song a somewhat distorted quality.

Twitter debated the idea of the song’s “natural pitch” with the Vancouver, Wash.-based producer, arguing that since Gambino performed all vocals and producer Ludwig Goransson handled all instrumentation on the record, the song was recorded in its “natural pitch.” Either way, the remix is pretty good.

A quick search of Psåul’s Soundcloud page shows that “Redbone” wasn’t the first cut to fall under his remixing hand—he’s crafted remixes for artists like Frank Ocean, Migos and The Weeknd, although the full version of his “Redbone” remix was noticeably missing.

However, like all great things on the internet, it didn’t take long for someone to find and post the full song, and you can check it out below.