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If you’re between the ages of 22-32, and have been in your career field for more than a few years, chances are that you may have at least one person reporting to you—even if it’s an intern. If you haven’t experienced managing yet, don’t worry you will. According to Pew Research Center, millennials make up the largest share of today’s work force. If you’re new to leadership, or plan to be in leadership one soon day, it’s important to know that the holidays are a great time to show your team how much you value them and build loyalty. Here are few easy ways.


Be Fair With Time Off

It’s easy to give those in-demand days to your favorite employees or deny days off all together due to pressing deadlines, but committing these flagrant fouls only lowers morale and job performance. Give your team members the task of creating plans so that they can get their work done and take days off when possible. Even more important, be fair when extending privileges and approving vacation days. Last, communicate with your team. If you know some staffers are working days they’d prefer to be off let them know you appreciate the compromise and those workers know they’ll first pick for the next set of holidays.


Give a Small Gift

Everyone is on a budget. Unfortunately, your employees don’t care about your personal expenses, they just know you make more money than they do. They also look at you as a direct connect to the parent company. You can kill any potential for bad feelings by giving all of your direct reports a small token of your appreciation for the work they put in—remember they are a representation of you. Universal gift cards, coffee cards or gift certificates to a favorite local place for a free lunch are easy wins.


Create a Moment

Companies don’t always sponsor office parties but good leaders ensure that their team celebrates the holidays. Order lunch from the team’s favorite spot. Organize a potluck. Set up a happy hour. Consider what your team will like most and create a celebratory event that allows everyone to bond.


Up Your Praise Game

Everyone loves a good compliment. Take some time to craft a departmental email that celebrates the team’s successes, rounds up the personal victories of staffers and thanks everyone for giving their best during 2017.


Give a Little Face Time

Your team is inevitable anxious about what 2018 has in store for the company, their personal job performance and wants to cultivate a good relationship with you. Carve out a little time to connect with folks individually or in smaller groups to address concerns, answer questions and cultivate team spirit.