Stone Island And New Balance Collab

Source: Stone Island And New Balance Collab / Stone Island And New Balance

The trend of clothing label team-ups has become an ever-accelerating arms race for superiority in the fashion marketplace. The newest partnership of New Balance and Stone Island plans to combine the two brands’ affinity for technology and creativity to produce forward-thinking apparel. Each brand took to its respective Instagram account to publicly announce the joint venture.

“Both New Balance and Stone Island are independently minded brands with strong aptitudes for calculated risk-taking,” said Chris Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at New Balance. “We both pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse of culture, elevating our rich heritage, and creating authentic brand experiences for our global consumers. We look forward to pushing the boundaries and experimenting with design.”

With 115 years of history, Boston’s New Balance is renowned for its contributions to the entire running industry, including how the sneakers are actually produced and the tech used in the sneakers themselves. And the Ravarino, Italy-based Stone Island, has been earning the admiration of outdoor activewear fanatics since 1982 with its famous Tela Stella fabric, on which the company’s legend is founded.

“There are only a limited number of brands that can be referred as iconic,“ said Carlo Rivetti, President and Creative Director at Stone Island. “…Stone Island and New Balance have shown that they are of this breed. To exchange concepts and ideas by opening doors to each other’s R&D teams, with the aim to create great sound product, is exciting and the greatest message we can jointly convey to our audiences.”

Product is expected to ship later this year, but it will be only available for purchase by logging in to your online account, according to the “Stone Island | New Balance” webpage. Head there and register to stay up-to-date as more information comes.