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If you want to cop your girl a Louis Vuitton bag but have other plans for your stimmy, we’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately, not all designer bags are as affordable as Telfar’s Bushwick Birkin, and if you’re not looking to drop some stacks, you can always make your own. No, you’re not literally stitching your own replica, but those fancy shopping bags you keep during those seldom designer store trips can become your everyday bag with a few simple steps.

Thanks to TikTok user @yyxx123.1’s new hack, you can take that shopping bag and securely cover it in heavy-duty plastic. Then she removed the flimsy cloth handles and outfitted the bag with thick leather ones to give the bag a more sophisticated look, and that’s about it.

“This is me opening my new fake Louis Vuitton purse because I’m a cheapskate and refuse to buy the real thing,” the woman says as she put together the DIY bag.

The video went viral, already racking up over 300,000 views, which led to the trend finding its way onto Twitter as people tried the fashion hack for themselves.

One of the first to try it was designer Kellie Ford who quickly grabbed one of her Louis Vuitton shopping bags and created a successful new bag in no time. Her tutorial is so simple that it’s already amassed almost 10 million views.

The good news is that you don’t have to go hunting in your local supply store for all you need because The Tottery has created a kit to make the dead even easier. Thanks to the bag being so customizable, you’ve also got the ability to feature designs on the paper bag, or if LV isn’t your vibe, you can always change it to whichever brand you like.