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If your crotch-gazing fantasies focus on the hairy mass surrounding your partner’s genitalia, there’s no buts about it: you’re into pubephilia.

The fetish is defined by sexual arousal from the sight, or thought, of pubic hair. It’s not-so surprising that folks are turned on by the sight of the hair in that area, it’s a clear prelude of what’s to come, right? But recent pop culture has made the normal state of the body not-so-basic, which has relegated pubic hair as an exception, not rule.

“The current trend for pubic hair, for men and women, is to have none. There’s waxing for ladies, and manscaping for guys. Getting rid of pubic hair is the current norm,” says Jetsetting Jasmine, a sex expert and therapist. “Historically light grooming was done for hygiene purposes because it prevented odor from sweat and the build up of bacteria. But the porn industry normalized the removal of most of an individual’s pubic hair. In those films, it was done to provide an clear view of the actors’ genitalia and to promote a youthful appearance for women. It was mimicked by the masses.”

So how do you know if you just like your partners’ bodies or if you’re into pubephilia? There are few indicators. “If you find the clean shaven, pre-pubescent look unattractive you’re into pubephilia,” she says. “Exactly how much hair folks like can vary. For example, some people are drawn to a little hair and some want to see a full bush and hair in the buttocks. It’s all about what turns you on. What gets your attention.” Here are some other ways to find out whether pubic hair in your thing.

The fetish is defined by sexual arousal from the sight, or thought, of pubic hair.

1 You Love the Visual

People into pubephilia connect pubic hair with femininity or masculinity, and the sight of the hair creates an intense sexual arousal. They also love the layer of mystique created by the hair blocking the view of the goods—you can’t see a woman’s clitoris and labia, or a man’s testicles. It increases one’s desire.

2 You Love the Touch

Stroking isn’t just done with genitalia. Do you love the feel of pubic hair? Do you find stroking it comforting and pleasurable? Does the color and texture of pubic hair turn you on?

3 You Love the Way It Feels on You

When you’re grinding, having intercourse or cuddling, your partner’s pubic hair touches you. If you have pubephilia this friction or interaction heightens your sexual experience and you are keenly aware of it. You find the friction sexually and emotionally stimulating.

4 You Love the Smell

Pubic hair holds an individual’s pheromones and scent. If you’re into pubephilia the mixture of these scents are huge turn-on and a big draw.


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