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Celebrity Sightings in New York City - September 18, 2020

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Jay-Z is speaking out after the passing of New York’s Marijuana Legislation and Taxation Act.

In case you missed it, the city that never sleeps has legalized adult-use of recreational cannabis, joining 16 other states that have done the same.

“The news of cannabis legalization in New York is incredibly exciting,” Jay-Z told The Grio in a statement. “It represents a long overdue opportunity for New Yorkers, for the cannabis industry, and for social equity and social justice. I’ve seen firsthand the harm inflicted for generations against Black and minority communities by the war on drugs right here in New York.”

Hov, who always seems to be ten steps ahead of everyone else, has already entered the cannabis industry with his brand Monogram. He’d also been fighting outdated cannabis laws that largely affect the Black community. Back in January, Hov issued a statement that read “Cannabis laws are out of date and disproportionately cruel and punishing when compared to the rest of the legal code. We still don’t have proper regulation for texting and driving in Missouri, but staying home and smoking weed will get you locked up.”

It’s a new day. More on NY’s bill here and stay tuned.