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Nike Refurbished Program

Source: Nike / NIke

Nike’s 10-point model of circularity is focused on developing “products with the intent to design out waste, avoid negative environmental impact, and the use of material components that extend the products life and can be returned to the fashion [ecosystem].” Inspired by Point Six of the model, the Swoosh has launched its newest ecologically responsible initiative: Nike Refurbished.

Under Nike’s current policy, customers who are dissatisfied with a sneaker purchase have 60 days to return the footwear for a refund. However, instead of being discarded without inspection or care, returned sneakers will now be subject to review and assigned one of three grades prior to being resold: like new, gently worn, and cosmetically flawed. After the shoe are restored as much as can be to mint condition, they are finally assigned a new price and ready for shelves once again.

However, should there be sneakers that Nike reviewers find unfit for reintroduced to circulation, then they become part of Nike Grind. In that case, the shoes get reduced to bits and are recycled for use in other various materials, ranging from artificial grass to exercise mats or even back into subcomponents of future shoes.

Nike Refurbished Program

Source: Nike / NIke

Fifteen stores are participating in Nike Refurbished at the moment. The company plans to expand the project to more locations over time, which would make for a gentler experience on shoppers’ wallets and the environment.

By 2025, Nike wants to increase the amount of their finished product waste that is refurbished, donated or recycled by tenfold, and Chief Sustainability Officer Noel Kinder believes this target (along with twenty-eight others also focused on “people, planet, and play”) will move the Swoosh forward in its objective to leave a positive impact on Earth.

“When I think about the global climate crisis and the role of a company like Nike, I think about our mission and values,” he said in a press statement. “I think about who we are, who we serve, and the future we want to see… Every company has a footprint. Our goal is, and always will be, that Nike’s footprint helps to shape a better world.”

For a better look at the process, check out the gallery below.

Nike Refurbished [Detailed Photos]
Nike Refurbished Program
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