At home

Source: Eva-Katalin / Getty

Snowpocalypse is long gone — welcome to 2018, the year of the “Bomb Cyclone.”


With the state of the east coast in a frozen tundra, we’re looking forward to plenty of snowy days and cozy nights to be snowed in the house. Whether it’s your first winter dusting or a serious noreaster, here are the things you’re gonna need in your kit.

1. The Basics

This is everything your parents will tell you that you need — canned goods, water, candles, external chargers, etc. The ingredients and recipe for a big home-cooked dish wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Don’t be a dumbass — prioritize these things before anything else on this list if you want to survive. 

2. The Munchies

If you’re inside all day that means you’re going to be snacking all day. Get your popcorn, candy, chocolate, potato chips, and the whole nine yards up in your pantry.

3. The Vices

These are the things that immediately came to your mind when you saw the “inclement weather warning” email from HR. A day out the office is a day to play, whether you’re off or working from home. Whether it’s a bottle of your favorite poison or another substance to keep you mellowed out, make sure you get your affairs in order on this before your dealer stops delivering.

4. The Must-Watches

Netflix. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Use this as an opportunity to catch up on the shows you’ve been wanting to watch as well as your classic favorites.

5. The Crew

Everything’s better with company, right? Turn your snow day into a party by inviting some of your closest friends over. Want to make it a more personal affair? Invite bae over and make it a party for two.

6. The Attire

It’s not a real snow day unless you got the comfy clothes to match. Get all warm and cozy with some super soft PJs, thermal socks, and of course the long johns.