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Marshawn Lynch Asks Dr. Fauci If The COVID-19 Vaccine Will "F*** Him Up?"

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Marshawn Lynch isn’t big on being interviewed, but for this particular interview, the roles were reversed, and it was Lynch asking the hard-hitting questions. 

The race is currently on to get Americans, especially Black and Brown Americans, vaccinated against COVID-19 specifically because it’s neck and neck race against emerging variants of the virus. It’s been a year since the COVID-19 came and upended our lives, disproportionately killing African Americans compared to our Caucasian counterparts, so the federal government has been going ham trying to convince Black and Brown folks to get the free, potentially life-saving shots. 

But, that’s where the issue of vaccine hesitancy comes into play. While it has improved as time goes along and more people get the shot, there are still a sizeable amount of African Americans who are like “we good” or flat out saying “nah” when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines due to a myriad of understandable reasons mixed in with some bad information. For his part, Dr. Fauci has been doing his best to meet people where they are and speak with African American community members to ensure them that the vaccines are safe while acknowledging he understands why Black folks don’t trust the federal government.

So, that’s why Dr. Fauci decided to sit down with Beast Mode himself virtually for an interview we didn’t know we needed. Lynch is well known for always keeping it real when speaking his mind, and he kept the same energy with Dr. Fauceezy as he affectionately called him during the important pow-wow session.

Lynch asked the world-renowned expert on infectious diseases the questions many African Americans have regarding the vaccine. It took a minute to get there, but finally, Lynch asked Dr. Fauci, “Can I be myself?” and that’s when he really spoke his mind.

The “retired” NFL star asked Fauci if the vaccine would leave him more “f**ked up” than just taking chances without taking it. He also asked if the vaccine would shorten his life expectancy? If it came out too quick? And if the vaccine was tested on more whites than Blacks?

Dr. Fauci pointed out to Lynch that the virus hits the Black community harder becuase due to a higher rate of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes than whites which could make COVID more deadly for them. 

Lynch responded, “So, what it sounds to me, we have a bigger problem than coronavirus.”

In the end, it was one of the most thought-provoking interviews we have seen involving Dr. Fauci, shoutout to Beast Mode for coming with the questions. You can watch the entire interview below, and to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines, you can head here. 

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

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