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Trey Songz will not be charged by Jackson County prosecutors after he and Kansas City Police got into a scuffle during the 2021 AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium. KSHB says a spokesperson for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office told them there was “insufficient evidence” to move forward with anything, so “Trigga” can promptly resume his drool play activities in a COVID-19 world.

On that fateful January 24, security was called for Songz and his entourage when it was reported the singer was not masked up, therefore in violation of Kansas City’s COVID-19 protocols. After he allegedly refused to cover his face, security says they called the KCPD to escort Songz from the stadium, and that was when fists started flying. One person apparently yelled “Get off of him!” while another shouted “What the f***, he didn’t do it!” Even a third person screamed out “Arrest the cop!”

But Songz must have had a look on his face at that moment because someone yelled out, “Trey! Don’t do it, man.” It was too late by then. “The man then punched a police officer and put him in a headlock,” according to the police statement. “Other officers then came to the scene and were able to get the man into custody without further incident.” Songz was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and for assaulting a police officer – two misdemeanors and a felony, respectively.

Trigga’s attorney John O’Connor has declined comment but must be thrilled to have had all charges dropped against his client. In October 2020, Songz confirmed that he contracted the ‘Rona – after he shared some globs of spit with a pair of video and vixens and said that he believes his grandfather may have died from the virus. Then, two months later, Songz had a concert in Columbus, Ohio for 500 people, and there was not a mask to be found in the entire venue.

“I honestly thought that it was from 2019, that there was no way an establishment would act like that, during a pandemic that threatens our entire community, with utter disregard for public health standards,” Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein said. “They’ve violated every law and norm in place to protect against COVID.”