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Sprite Presents Shawn "Jay Z" Carter And Lebron James Two Kings Dinner

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In his 18th year and contending for his fifth NBA championship, LeBron James continues to astound everyone who sees him play. James’ body of work solidifies him as a truly generational talent and one of the best athletes ever, so much so that even Drake‘s three-year-old son Adonis was unable to contain his amazement while watching clips of “King James” from his guaranteed Hall-of-Fame career.

Drizzy was watching a YouTube highlight reel of James with Adonis and shared the experience on his IG page. First, we see James during his Miami Heat days. He interrupts a pass by then-Knicks center Amar’e Stoudemire, saves the ball from going out-of-bounds, and then pitches the ball behind his head to Erick Dampier for a jam – all in one fluid motion. Then we see a segment from James’ second go-around in Cleveland, where he swoops in from the rafters for a block on Jimmy Butler. At that point, Adonis was in disbelief at what he saw and blurted out with shock, “Oh my God!”

James is undoubtedly on the Mount Rushmore of basketball G.O.A.T.s and, by many measures, even above His Airness himself. He appreciated Adonis’ awe by commenting on the post, “Nephew 🔒 the hell in!! Yessir!!”

James has missed multiple games since March with a high ankle sprain, the biggest injury of his career and a significant one given that it comes at 36 years old, which is geriatric by NBA standards. His Los Angeles Lakers are currently No. 6 in the Western Conference, and his presence would be very welcome, but a premature return would endanger both the Lakers’ championship hopes as well as the twilight of one of the greatest careers ever to take the hardwood.

On a recent episode of the podcast All the Smoke, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss praised LeBron for both his play on the court and for his character away from the game, too.  “I like to say he’s like the closest thing to a superhero I’ve ever met,” she said to hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “In that, he’s so powerful and strong and smart, but he does things for the good.”