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He Shoots She Scores

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It’s a new year and the squad is back together.

For 2018’s first episode He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanzit was all Ball everything. LaVar Ball and his three sons have been dominating sports headlines for the better part of the past year thanks to LaVar’s… personality. This week’s conversation gets started with the trio speaking on LaVar’s Big Baller Brand getting an F rating from the real BBB— the Better Business Bureau. The Big Baller Brand has 32 negative ratings and most consist of people who have paid for merchandise and have yet to receive anything.

“Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages,” Ball told ESPN. Bruce hopes that Ball will get his shit together and hopefully ship people the products they ordered, but he still refuses to buy a pair of the $500 sneakers. His unwavering support of the Big Baller Way even gets him to make a bet, and if the Lakers are .500+ on the season he’ll gladly cop a Big Baller t-shirt.

And per usual, Beanz is over LaVar and his meddling in the league, namely the Lakers’ locker room. It makes things harder for Lonzo on the court, and as Beanz says, “How do we know he’s not going home and telling his dad everything?” After mulling over Steve Kerr referring to LaVar as the Kardashian of the NBA—which he pretty much is— we finally get a chance to rap about the Lithuanian debut of LaMelo and LiAngelo. And if we let Beanz describe the game in one word, it was slow. After all the Ball family talk we finally get into our NFL and Super Bowl predictions and the one thing Bruce, Jada, and Beanz can agree on is that we don’t want the New England Patriots to make it.

Oh, and we can neither confirm nor deny if Bruce and Beanz argue about the Cavaliers and the Knicks for the umpteenth time.

Check out the latest episode of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz below.