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Being head coach of an NBA Dynasty affords Steve Kerr a certain luxury when it comes to the media, and it’s comedy.

He’s even answered questions and told the media to go ahead and tweet it as he silently sat there. But this time he took a jab at another one of California’s basketball teams when he referred to LaVar Ball as “the Kardashian of the NBA.”

It started when Coach Kerr spoke on ESPN‘s massive layoffs of 2017 and sees the job losses as a sign of the NBA coverage shifting from the actual game to sensationalism, or as he calls it “nonsense.” And the sensational person he’s referring to is Ball. Kerr also reveals that he’s had conversations with members of the media who say that they don’t want to cover Ball’s larger than life image, but it’s what sells.

It doesn’t matter if there’s any substance involved in an issue. It’s just “can we make it really interesting?”

The five-time NBA champion —and twice as coach— goes on to say that ESPN laid off talented journalists and saw that money better fit to fund other ESPN staff to follow Ball and his two youngest sons to Lithuania.

In the end, he clarifies that his comments aren’t a condemnation of ESPN and more so just something that has spread from entertainment and politics and is now in sports.

Lakers head coach Luke Walton has been dealing with LaVar’s constant outspokenness when it comes to the ins and outs of the coaching staff. LaVar even went far enough to say, “Luke doesn’t have control of the team no more. They don’t want to play for him.”

But the Lakers went on to beat the Atlanta Hawks by nearly 20 points, and Lonzo didn’t play much. Walton joked that Lonzo’s dad was talking shit so he took him out early. Seconds later he clarified that it was a joke, but it’s clear that LaVar’s involvement is becoming a bit of a nuisance.

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