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The Jordan 1 "Shadow 2.0" & Kobe 5 Protro Launch Was A Double Dub On SNKRS

Source: Nike / Air Jordan 1 High “Shadow 2.0”

Another weekend filled with disappointment while trying to buy sneakers on Nike’s dreaded SNKRS app

We all woke up this morning put on our clown makeup, hoping things “would be different.” Saturday (May 15), Nike dropped the Air Jordan 1 High “Shadow 2.0” and Kobe 5 Protro x Undefeated “Hall of Fame.” Two kicks dropping on one day means our chances should be a little better right?


As usual, sneakerheads hopped on the app at 10 am to enter the draw system Nike has now opted to use for all major releases only to be let down not once but twice. One understandably frustrated user wrote on Twitter, “@Nike #SNKRS how can I get a notification that I didn’t get a shoe in a 10 minute draw at the 5 minute mark??? Explain please. All we want as sneaker heads is fair. I can take L’s as long as they are legit. *Notice the time stamp in the screen shot.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “At this point if you still rocking with the SNKRS app then you’re just a glutton for punishment.” We really felt that. 

While another just stated, “Why do I even be botherin wit the SNKRS app.” 

We completely understand. The only way we can explain people still using the SNKRS is they continue to hold onto for dear life, thinking that this particular drop will be the one where they finally can share a “Got’ Em” screen on their social media accounts. It’s like playing the lottery at this point because truthfully, hey, you never know *insert Jordan shrug*

The struggle will continue for us, unfortunately, all summer long.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Twitter Reacts To Catching Two Ls On Nike’s SNKRS App At The Same Damn Time
Nike Air Jordan 1 High Shadow 2.0
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