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Kwame Brown Responds To Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson & Gilbert Arenas

Source: G Fiume / Getty

Kwame Brown is tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Like any player selected with the no.1 pick in the NBA draft, Brown was supposed to be the truth when then Washington Wizards front office executive Michael Jordan picked Brown out of Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia making him the first high school player chosen with the no.1 pick of the 2001 NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, Brown’s professional basketball playing career didn’t pan out, and he was slapped with the label of being a bust, also panning Michael Jordan’s skills when it comes to picking talent. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith didn’t bite his tongue when it came to his feelings towards Brown calling him a”bonafide scrub,” we want to add anyone who gets drafted into the league shouldn’t be called a “scrub” by someone who hasn’t sniffed the hardwood, just saying.

Brown found himself trending on social media on Sunday. (May 17) after he dropped a few Instagram Live videos, he had some fascinating comments for Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, and Gilbert Arenas.

Brown came out of hiding to respond to the trio because they brought his name up during a recent episode of their highly entertaining podcast/show All The Smoke. Brown, 39, didn’t care about the comments he heard from his former teammate Arenas regarding his playing days during his stint with the Wizards. According to Agent Zero, Brown’s confidence was crushed by Michael Jordan.

Brown kept it all the way real hilariously referring to Matt Barnes as “Becky with the good hair” and calling out Jackson telling him to pull up his pants, lay off the weed, calling him a “fake” Black activist, and to act like a grown man.

He wasn’t done there. Brown also hilariously explained his contributions to the late and now Hall-of Famer Kobe Bryant’s legendary 81-point basketball game against highlighting the “amazing screens” he set to free up the Black Mamba.

We all know that Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson will have something to say about Brown’s comments, and it will be something worth listening to. Jackson has already hinted that this will be a great week for his show in a recent Instagram post.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with Brown’s hilarious responses to Barnes, Jackson, and Arenas.

This is only gonna get interesting, and we are here for all of the shenanigans.

Photo: G Fiume / Getty