If there’s one thing that angers Matt Barnes, it’s disrespecting his sons. The former NBA player has twin boys, Carter and Isaiah, and went full sports dad mode at a recent basketball game, where the Harvard-Westlake Wolverines took on his Crespi Carmelite Celts. He was upset at a call one of the referees made and […]

Legal documents reveal that Barnes is behind on child support payments to the tune of $133,976.54.


Twitter isn't surprised Matt Barnes spit at his fiancée’s ex outside an NFL stadium. But Barnes says he wasn't looking for the altercation to escalate.

Matt Barnes recalls an NBA player and coach who wanted to put hands on Skip Bayless on two separate occasions.

Matt Barnes decided to reign in Minnesota Timberwolves "superstar" Patrick Beverly. 

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The former NBA player is looking out for Clark's kids in a big way.