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Big Sean has come a very long way from his days in “The 313,” and the 11,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion he bought from Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash four years ago has all the trappings to show it. With its seven bedrooms and seven-and-a-half bathrooms, numerous wet bars, and a pair of two-car garages, among many other features, the rapper enlisted the help of Britney Wior, creative director at JSN Studio, to recondition the property to his tastes. One thing Big Sean made certain to keep, however, is one of the home’s most outstanding highlights: the nightclub.

“I didn’t really change the design of it. It was always like this,” he told Architectural Digest during the walkthrough of his home. The sizeable subterranean party space comes with its own disco ball, DJ booth, photo booths, and a prominent stripper pole in the center room. But there was one thing Big Sean did change in the nightclub. “I got the exact same couches that he had in here before,” he said, “but I just got new ones because I don’t know what the fuck he was doing down here.”

Wior did add a professional-grade in-home studio for the rapper, though. “To build the music studio, we basically had to build a room within a room,” she said. The room’s pitched roof was lowered, and fabric panels were added to suppress sound, but Sean requested another touch to the space so it could still feel open. “[W]e added windows to allow natural light inside the studio, as well as seating with an area big enough to allow others inside to collaborate.”

Although the soundproof windows may muffle the noise, they cannot stifle Big Sean’s vision. So instead, the rapper got them so he can stay motivated and remember where he came from. “[W]hen I look out to the left,” he told AD, “I can see the building of my very first apartment from when I moved out of my mom’s house in Detroit.”