You might recognize Dr. Woo for tattooing some of your favorite celebrities. Now the ink master is expanding his creative palette into the world of fashion. Over the past decade, Woo has established a cult following among Hollywood’s elite, translating ethereal aesthetics and distinguished compositions into reknowned body art .

Paying homage to the iconic basketball shoe, Woo was given the opportunity to remake the Chuck 70, one of his favorite kicks.  “They were always relevant to me,” he adds. “I used to draw all over Chucks— tear ’em up. I tried to hold on to old pairs, but they always seemed to vanish like my youth.”

I used to draw all over Chucks—tear ’em up.

Woo’s take on the Chuck 70 was inspired by his desire to transform everyday objects into works of art. The kicks tell the story of a fly and spider through intricate details and minimal aesthetics, allowing for the exploration of both the literal and conceptual ideas being explored.

The full Converse x Dr. Woo collection is available now at and select retailers.