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ODB said Wu-Tang was “for the children” in 1998, but The Clipse’s Pusha T would tell you he is just as much about the kiddies as Shaolin’s best. And there evidently are some parents on social media who agree.

Twitter user @thekolsky wrote, “I know what it’s written about, but when I play “Keys Open Doors” for my 2-year-old it is actually a non-double-entendre educational song. I’m saying Clipse is for the children. Shout out @PUSHA_T.” Yuugh!

With songs titled “Numbers on the Boards,” The Games We Play,” and “Let Me Love You” to his credit, King Push could have easily had a song or two on some KIDZ BOP albums. Twitter user @RomeDaDome even gave ideas for how a few other Clipse classics could be kid-friendly.

“‘What Happened To That Boy’ should replace ‘Peekaboo,’ ‘Grindin’ teaches hard work and dedication, ‘Nightmares’ for scary stories around the campfire, ” wrote @RomeDaDome, ” ‘Mr. Me Too’ teaches kids to not follow the crowd and promotes individuality, and ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’ teaches confidence.”

Unsuspecting vanilla parents could have also found themselves in a bind if they failed to take time and better inspect some of Pusha’s lyrics, though. Writer Keith Nelson, Jr. suggested his history of cocaine rap might be the problem. “It’s because you’ve used too many regular items as drug references,” he hinted, “What does he REALLY mean by Snow White?”

And according to Pusha, Nelson might have a point. “Thanx,” King Push replied to @thekolsky, “and I’ve been trying to write a children’s book for years…they won’t publish me…😔.”

But adult fans of King Push should not have to wait much longer to get their own lyrical fix. During a March 30 Instagram Live interview with Biddy for Behind the Velvet Rope, he gave viewers more information on his follow-up album to 2018’s acclaimed Daytona.

“I’m working on the album right now,” Pusha said. “I haven’t titled it. Probably 12 [songs]. I usually don’t do a lot of extras. I feel like I have some extras right now but I’m gonna keep 12… I’m gonna have the best album that drops in 2021,” he told the viewers. “For sure.”

The album may not have a confirmed release date yet, but the production should pack serious heat. Kanye is manning the boards for six of the tracks, and Pusha’s VA buddies The Neptunes are slated to work on some of the other songs. Check out Pusha’s IG chat with Biddy below.