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MLB: MAY 22 Pirates at Braves

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New details have emerged following the arrest of Atlanta Braves star Marcell Ozuna.

The MLB player was booked after an alleged domestic violence dispute with his wife over the weekend. Apparently, the issue arose “over an infidelity” and eventually led to Genesis Guzman calling the cops on her husband. TMZ reports the details in full:

Two officers say they responded to a report of a domestic dispute — and the alleged victim told them 30-year-old Ozuna had “took both her cell phones from the bathroom while she showered without her consent.” When she demanded Ozuna return the phones, Marcell allegedly refused — and then “He threatened to kill her and she threatened to call 911,” according to the report. The woman told cops she took HIS cell phone and called 911 — and that’s when Ozuna tried to leave the property. But, the woman claims she followed him outside and chased him around a vehicle. Ultimately, the woman went back inside and locked the door — and then grabbed a “large kitchen knife” to defend herself. The woman claims Ozuna got back inside the house and “continued to yell and verbally abuse her.”

TMZ goes on to say the issue became physical after she put the knife down. Ozuna allegedly pushed his arm (which was in a hard cast) against his wife’s face and pushed her down to the floor. One cop also reportedly witnessed him attempting to strangle her against the wall.