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Another week, yet another celebrity-involved boxing match.

However, this time the exhibition didn’t involve one of the world’s greatest fighters of all time in Floyd Mayweather, but instead a former 6th Man Of The Year and former pop star.

That’s right; Lamar Odom hopped into the ring with Aaron Carter, and it all went how we thought it would. Odom may be 8 years older than Carter, but he stands at a towering 6’10” and weighing in at 240, and boxing is nothing new to him.

“I’ve always boxed, in my best years with the Lakers, I used boxing for training,” he told TMZ in May. “And so for me to go and show what I’ve learned on my man’s face, this is like retribution for Nate Robinson. This is gonna be easy work.”

Carter got knocked out in the second round but seemed to take it in stride, tweeting, “I got punched in the throat so hard lol that s–t was so much fun!!!! I actually had a blast, so y’all can say what you want. But I don’t see you at 6’ fighting a giant. Takes a bow*,” Carter wrote.

Of course, Twitter had fun watching the match and had the jokes ready once Carter got knocked out. Check out some of the best reactions below.

Twitter Reacts To Lamar Odom’s Boxing Match Against Aaron Carter
Celebrity Boxing - Lamar Odom v Aaron Carter
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