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Nike struck a huge blow against counterfeiters with news that the United States Trademark and Patent Office granted the apparel giant federal trademark protection for the Air Jordan, the Air Jordan 1 Low, and Air Jordan 1 Low SE. This follows a suit that was filed by Nike earlier this year against nearly 590 websites and over 670 social media accounts to cease hawking bootleg versions of their gear.

Initially reported by Zakari Kurtz, founder of Sneaker Law Firm, this move was actually started in July of last year. Recognition of M.J.’s iconic sneaker as a “unique product” means that Nike now has more legal muscle with regard to taking action versus the likes of Warren Lotas, MSCHF, and others who might think to employ the Air Jordan 1 silhouette for future projects.

Each of the sneakers was registered as a “three-dimensional configuration comprising the design of the material panels that form the exterior body of the shoe, the design of the panel on top of the shoe that includes eyelets for the shoelaces, the design of the ridge pattern on the sides of the sole of the shoe, the design of a stitched line running along the midsole of the shoe, and the relative position of these elements to each other.”

It is worth noting that neither the Air Jordan 1 Mid nor Swoosh were included in the trademark filing and with good cause. Since the only difference between the Mid and High is collar height, then trademarking the High would theoretically include its counterpart. Furthermore, by registering the body of the sneakers but not including the Swoosh or any colors, then that legal protection can be more broadly applied to the family of Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

Y’all better knock it off with the knockoffs now.