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Someone hand trying to press passwords on safety lock pad for open a safety box.

Source: Boy_Anupong / Getty

Dating has always been a gamble, but no one expects to get robbed by the end of the night.

That’s exactly what happened to one man, who’s out $1 million in jewelry after his date got into his safe and fled the scene, reports state. Here’s how it all went down according to Fox5 Atlanta:

“The young woman spent several hours with the man she had just met, enjoying some food and a little adult entertainment at another establishment. They wound up sharing a bed together at a hotel. In a surveillance image, the gentleman has on large pieces of jewelry. He told police and was able to document the value right at $1 million. Once inside the hotel room, the gentleman stored his jewelry in the room safe.  He eventually went to sleep. And when he woke up, the bathroom shower was running.”

“He assumed his date was taking a shower,” said Sgt. Jarius Daugherty, according to the site “but he looked over to see the safe open and all of his property gone.”

Surveillance footage of the woman’s face has been released; see that here. Be careful out there — dating after COVID-19 just ain’t the same. We will continue to keep you updated on this bizarre story as new information surfaces.